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Post by Jed on Wed 21 Jul 2010, 6:35 am

Anybody who hasn't heard of this service, or used it. It's basically a folder on your computer, in My Documents for example. Say you're doing a piece of coursework or maybe you've got some pictures you've just edited. Maybe you have a couple of computers, but also don't want to carry a memory stick around. As soon as you save it, it just automatically copies itself to the dropbox server, so you can download it from dropbox.com when you need to, but also it will just be on your other computers, just there kinda automagically. I love it and if I invite one of you buggers and you sign up and install it, I get a free 250MB extra space on top of the free 2GB I already get, and also you each get a nice 250MB extra space aswell..

Anybody who wants to be nice and give it a try, and me a little bit more space, click my referral link, so I get an extra 250MB and so do you.


And this is basically what it does:

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