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Jade's Showcase

Post by Jade on Tue 18 Jan 2011, 5:26 am

So, I suppose here i'll post anything made from me. I live on Photoshop, and do a little photography and a few sketches/doodles. My first post I guess will be a couple of graphics.

My inspiration come's from music or surroundings. Many Graphics I make are by request, so don't judge what or who is in the graphic. >.< I haven't done many Enter Shikari one's and I won't post any of them until I get a decent graphic made. (I'm picky with what I create.) I was going to create graphic's for a friends band, who have become known world wide now, but, it went down the drain. If you'd like a graphic for example, an Icon, Signature, Banner or wallpaper making, don't be scared to request here. Just make sure you post the-

Type of Graphic:

I'm not vain saying you'll request a graphic because i'm that good. It's just incase and at least everything is said in my first post.

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I'm Harry Potter obsessed too


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