LAW! What is it good for?

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LAW! What is it good for?

Post by Poppins on Sat 22 Jan 2011, 2:15 pm

My lovely other half has recently produced this interactive game-video-drama-social experiment-doohickie for the Open University. It's an interesting look at how the law process works, and if you have about half an hour to spare, you may find it generally educational and fun. More importantly, my fiance, my friend Simon and me all make appearances of varying degrees in it. Simon is a proper actor, and therefore gets to play the defendant. I am the brunette juror in purple who gets to say 'Hear, hear!" and "I agree!" in the jury room, and mah boo is the hot blond sat next to me!
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Re: LAW! What is it good for?

Post by Dodson on Sun 23 Jan 2011, 12:30 am

My mate wants to study law, i'll be sure to pass this on, it looks really well produced and it's really interesting Smile
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