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Post by Saga3nanna1supi on Sat 19 Sep 2009, 9:00 am

The Wipers were a punk rock group formed in Portland, Oregon in 1977 by guitarist Greg Sage, drummer Sam Henry and bassist Dave Koupal. Wipers were one of the earliest American purveyors of the genre, and the group's tight song structure and use of heavy distortion has been hailed as extremely influential by numerous critics and musicians, including Nirvana, who covered several of their songs.
(long live wikipedia^^)

I discovered this band on Tuesday (yay facebook!) and today i bought a special box of them, containing their 3 very first albums and lots of bonus/unreleased tracks.
I'm really getting into them, one of my favorite songs (so far) is 'Rebel with a cause'.
Made me think of James Dean, which is one of my idols as well.
Found this video with the song and a dedication to James Dean Smile

Jonny Sniper

Age : 28
Location : Gent, Belgium


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